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GOAL Reached! You all are amazing! FOUR schools will now get a full year of programming from Young Storytellers Foundation!

We have a little more than a week to go! You can still donate for PDFs of Never Been Kissed and Love, Love, Love and enter to win the signed copies, VIP tickets to YSF’s Glee Big Show, and a chance to perform on stage with Glee cast members (tba soon)!

Help us reach a new goal - $25,000 and fund another school!

Be a part of something BIG!

Donate today!


Nominate Chris Colfer for The 6th Annual Shorty Awards for the Author and Actor categories!

AUTHOR: When they’re not writing books on wizards saving the world, shimmering vampires, or stories of adventures of a kid and a tiger being stranded in the open sea on a liferaft, they’re connecting with their fans around the globe through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs.

ACTOR: When they’re not working on that action flick, adventure story, comedy, romcom, or other project, these actors are letting their fans know what’s on their mind, and showing their fans love via tweets, Facebook posts, pins, Instagrams, or YouTube videos.

Follow the links, tweet your votes, and you’re done! Reblog and spread the word!

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